Garden of Memories Hosts First Memorial Day Flag Placing

Garden of Memories Hosts First Memorial Day Flag Placing

Join us in placing flags on each veteran’s grave

Garden of Memories Oxford will be hosting its first Memorial Day flag placing event to memorialize the veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


Considering the high regard in which our community and ourselves hold veterans, Garden of Memories has decided to provide an opportunity to remember those for what they did for our country.


“This is an event for people to not only come and enjoy the quiet, tranquil property but to also have an opportunity to be a patriot by remembering the people that have laid down their lives for what we have today,” said Glenn Coleman, Co-Owner of Garden of Memories.


The event will take place on the Friday before Memorial Day between 2 and 4 p.m. It is a come-and-go event, allowing visitors to stop by and participate in the two-hour window. You are welcome to spend as little or as much time as needed.


Our staff will have the grave of every veteran marked with an orange or pink survey flag before the event, making identifying each veteran easy for visitors. We have United States flags available for the memorialization of each veteran in our cemetery.


Please stop by and join us in honoring those who dedicated their lives to uphold our freedoms.




You can also help honor our veterans each year by sponsoring a wreath for our annual Wreath Across America event. Each Christmas season wreaths are placed on each veteran’s grave in the cemetery. For more information, visit and thank you for your support.

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