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Posted on November 7, 2018 by Jeremy Roberts under Celebration of Life
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Judy Wood, owner of Cotton Wood Designs, specializes in hand-creating unique designs out of a loved one’s clothing which she carefully crafts onto pillows, quilts or ornaments. Her products are now offered at Coleman Funeral Home as another way to keep valued memories of a loved one alive.

Coleman offers new option to keep loved ones close


A commitment to keeping the memories of loved ones alive has driven a new partnership between Coleman Funeral Home and Judy Wood, owner of Cotton Wood Designs.

Judy Wood specializes in hand-creating unique designs out of a loved one’s clothing which she carefully crafts onto pillows, quilts or ornaments.

“It’s important to keep the memories of a loved one alive after they have passed by acknowledging the individuality of their personality, and the uniqueness of their life’s path,” said Glenn Coleman, co-owner of Coleman Funeral Home.

“Judy’s handmade designs truly preserve memories while also telling a story,” said Coleman. “We are grateful to provide this option to families looking to keep loved ones close.”

T-shirts, sweatshirts, ties and other clothing can be included on Wood’s products. Clothing does not have to be in perfect condition.

“A loved one’s clothing is synonymous with them,” said Wood. “Whether it was their favorite tie, the t-shirt from their high school reunion or from their favorite restaurant, clothing tells the story of a life.”

By crafting clothing onto an item that can be kept near the family memories remain alive said Wood.

“A pillow or a blanket can be put on the couch and kept close to the family,” she said. “It sparks conversation with new friends and talks of old memories with family. It makes sure someone is still part of the family.”

The partnership with Wood was sparked after Jeremy Roberts, director of operations and event services at Coleman Funeral Home, contacted Wood for his own quilt.

“I gave her my old favorite shirts and she crafted them into a quilt that visualized my story on a crafted timeline,” said Roberts.

Wood said the idea for her products came from her desire to preserve the memories of her children’s lives through the t-shirts they had collected.

“I realized my children had a lot of shirts just tucked away,” said Wood. “I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Each item had a memory attached to it. I felt it was important to maintain those memories in a way that kept them around and not just in a drawer.”

She said that is when she decided to craft the shirts into a quilt that has remained a part of the family.

“All of the shirts are now on a quilt,” she said. “They are still in the house and part of the family. Every time we are around the quilt a new conversation about an old memory starts.”

Wood said she hopes her products can spark the same conversations about a loved one for families of Coleman Funeral Home.

“Memories of our loved ones are what matter the most,” said Wood. “For families of Coleman, preserving those memories are of the utmost importance.”

“I think choosing something that keeps those memories near is a great way to continue to tell someone’s story,” said Wood. “I hope these products can tell those cherished memories for families of Coleman.”

Jeremy Roberts

Director of Operations and Event Services • Coleman Funeral Home

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